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Tote bags

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Shop Tote Bags - Totes Amazing!

We have a range of really cool Tote Bags made from Reclaimed farbics and Sustainably sourced materials from Firehose to Inner Tube that look amazing and are very durable!

Totes are a great style for everyday, easy to pop over your shoulder and carry your goodies with you!

We have a variety of sizes and colour in our Totes range... check them out!

Firehose Tote Bag

Exceptional design and craftsmanship this amazing Tote Bag is upcycled from reclaimed fire hose making it a totally unique beautiful bag.

Made with Reclaimed British Firehose!


Recycled Sail Regular Tote Bag

A classic tote made with reclaimed Sailcloth from the yachts of Australia! What better way to reuse such tough and durable material once its ended its life on the water. Unique rope handles and internal & external pockets for practicality. Add on our detachable wallet which connects to the inside of the tote to keep all your important goodies easy to find.

Handmade in Sydney


Reclaimed Sail Small Tote Bag

A great, unique tote made from reclaimed Sailcloth. All handmade right here in Sydney featuring rope handles and an interior pocket for all your easy to reach things like cash, phone and keys.

Handmade in Sydney


Flip & Tumble 24/7 Reusable Bag

Reusable Shoulder Bag - reduce your single use plastic!

Read our review of the Flip & Tumble 24/7 bags on our blog!

The Shoulder Bag that gives a cold shoulder to single use plastic!


Rainier Tote Bag

This upcycled Rainier Tote Bag is the perfect shopping purchase for a rainy day! 

Bike Inner Tubes, Seatbelts & Organic Cotton!


Green Essentials Certified Organic Shopping Tote - Large Mesh

This Certified Organic Produce bag is a great reusable alternative to disposable plastic bags and are perfect for fruit, veggies, nuts and bulk foods.

Natural, Reusable Shopping Tote


Firehose Tooley II Tote Bag - Print Room

This Decommissioned British Firehose Tote Bag, combined wth Reclaimed Vintage Printing Blankets and Reclaimed Military Grade Parachute Silk, is the absolute ultimate in upcycled bags! It doesn't get more eco-friendly than this!

Made with Reclaimed Firehose & Print Blankets

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