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      Sustainable Living

      We Made It Through Plastic Free July!

      This last month has been an incredibly interesting (and somewhat challenging) adventure! Our entire team pledged to take part in Plastic Free July and we are all super proud of our efforts. To cap off the month, here’s our Upcycle Studio roundup. Featuring our insights, observations and some hot tips for your own plastic free journeys!

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      Live Sustainably: The Best Eco-Friendly Subscriptions & Delivery Services

      Want to live more sustainably without losing the convenience? We understand how sometimes it’s difficult to shop consciously each and every time. That’s why we’ve popped together a little list of our favourite eco-friendly subscriptions & delivery services in Australia. Let these guys sort out all your sustainable shopping so you have more time for other things! […]

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      Sustainably Social: Our 10 Favourite Eco-Friendly Instagram Accounts

      Looking for some inspiration for your own sustainable lifestyle? Instagram is a great resource for finding like-minded people and seeing how others are trying to be more planet-conscious. So we’ve put together a list of our favourite eco-friendly Instagram accounts that encourage everyone to be more environmentally aware. 1. @_wastelandrebel_ Shia is a zero-waste blogger and […]

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      How To Shop At A Bulk Foods Store

      We’re continuing to tackle Plastic Free July and have been spending more and more time in bulk food stores. It’s difficult to avoid overly packaged items at traditional supermarkets, so we’ve been steering clear of the temptation. Those who are new to this way of shopping need not worry, we’ve prepared a little Upcycle Studio […]

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      Plastic Free July: Up Your Supermarket Game

      Alrighty, so we are now 1 week into Plastic Free July and what a ride it has already been! Our entire Upcycle Studio team has welcomed this challenge with open arms! I personally decided to focus on my groceries this week in an attempt to shop a bit smarter. Here’s a recap of how I […]

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      Breaking Up With Plastic: Plastic Free July

      Breaking up is hard to do and my recent breakup was no exception. I decided once and for all that I would make a proper effort to end my toxic relationship. I’ve always been conscious of my single-use plastic consumption, trying to minimise it wherever possible. But sometimes I’ll catch myself out. There are moments […]

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