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    Shop Planters - pots made from reclaimed Trucktubes, Seagrass Baskets & Recycled Eco Planters

    Our Planter pots are available in a range of sizes and we also stock hanging planters which are great for garden features, especially waterfall vines.

    Our Planters are made with heavy duty Truck inner tube so they weather extremely well and look fantastic on their own or in a cluster

    Barrel Rubber Planters Barrel Rubber Planters
    From $11.90
    Rubber Planters Round Rubber Planters Round
    From $29.95
    Rubber Planters with Handles Rubber Planters with Handles
    From $59.90
    Hanging Rubber Planters Hanging Rubber PlantersSold Out
    From $18.90
    Rubber Storage Pot
    Rubber Storage Pot
    Rubber Planter Squat Pot