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Shop Eco Homewares - Rugs, Ottomans, Cushions and More

We specialise in Upcycled Homewares and also stock a large range of eco homewares, recycled homewares, natural homewares, quality homewares and all homewares that are good to the earth.

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Baku Wool Rug

The Baku Wool Rug is made from Undyed New Zealand Wool and is so soft and plush you won't want to walk away from it!

Antique Wool Rug

The Antique Wool Rug is handmade using 100% Wool with warm, natural colours perfect for that antique feel!

Maju Wool Rug

The Maju is a Handknotted Wool rug with warm tones perfect for that earthy feel when walking into a room

Milan Bamboo Rug

The Maia is a beautifully luscious handknotted Bamboo rug you won't be able to help but gravitate to constantly just to feel its silkiness!

Corona Wool Rug

The Corona is a Handtufted Wool Rug made with such beautiful colours. Its unique design will uplift any room needing a bright floor covering.

Hartley Wool Rug

The Hartley Wool Rug is a handwoven gemoetric classic with neutral tones to create a warm but bold atmosphere!

Tali Wool Rug

The Tali is a traditional handknotted, 100% wool rug, made with beautiful and expert craftsmanship. Extremely hard wearing and fantastic quality

Balia Denim Rug

The Balia rug is made with recycled denim and is a tough, low maintenance and eco friendly choice for use in lots of different areas

Diesel Denim Rug

The Diesel is a Reclaimed Denim rug made with small loops that gives a unique effect that will have everyone touching and asking all about it!

Diwali Silk Rug

The Diwali Silk Rug is expertly made from Reclaimed Sari Silk and brings to mind far away places where colour abounds

Hunter Leather Rug

The Hunter Leather Rug is the statement piece of the whole collection. Reclaimed Leather Labels taken from jeans from around the world make up this rug. This makes every single rug a one-of-a-kind piece and suits a rustic look.

Jackson Patchwork Rug

The Jackson Patchwork Rug is comprised of both Denim and Reclaimed Leather Labels taken from jeans from around the world make up this rug. This makes every single rug a one-of-a-kind piece and makes a great statement piece.

Logan Patchwork Rug

The Logan is a Patchwork Rug made of denim squares that have come together with handmade expertise and ticks all the boxes for denim lovers!

Levi Shaggy Rug

The Levi is a reclaimed denim rug that has been expertly handmade to create the ultimate eco-friendly Shaggy Rug!

Byron Flatweave Rug

The Byron Flatweave rug is made with Reclaimed Denim and Hemp and gives off the ultimate relaxed and beachy feel!

Dharma Hemp Rug

The Dharmas are handwoven chenille and hemp rugs and are a great all-natural, low-maintenance floor covering

Elba Wool Rug

The Elba is an handwoven undyed wool rug with contemporary colours and design perfect for that classic-look room

Ziggy Jute Rug

The Ziggy is a perfect chevron rug handwoven from Jute with very earthy, natural tones to add extra warmth to any room

Mari Wool Rug

The Mari is a Handtufted Wool rug with a bold design to draw the eye and can either add a dash of colour with the blue or tone down with the grey design

Ezara Wool Rug

The Ezara is a 100% natural and beautifully handmade plush wool rug. Handwoven by expert weavers with the highest quality felted New Zealand Wool available.

Dante Denim/Black Flatweave Rug

The Dante is a Flatweave Rug comprised of Reclaimed Denim and Italian Leather. Brought together to create

Spice Recycled Rug

The Spice is a handwoven, recycled cotton rug. A colourful, geometric design that is a great statement piece for any room.

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Malmo Black & White Rug

The Malmo rug, a cross stitch construction featuring a scandi style design. A great Black & White option for a contemporary living area.

Handwoven Wool

London Wool Rug London Wool Rug

London Wool Rug

The London is a Handwoven Wool Rug in neutral tones, making it a perfect addition for that earthy and warm room

Handwoven Wool


Miami Jute Rug Ivory

The Miami Jute rug is a gorgeous Ivory, all natural rug perfect for both a classic or contemporary home. A gorgeous Eco Friendly choice, ethically made and Oeko-Tex certified.

Denver Hemp Rug

The Denver is a recycled leather and hemp rug that is extremely hard-wearing and with its earthy colours it's easy to decorate around

Nomad Washed Jute Rug

The Nomad Jute Rug is handloomed using Washed Jute and comes in a range of beautiful colours that make it a fantastic edition to any space.
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