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Shop Fashion - Upcycled and reclaimed fashion pieces.

Styling the Upcycled way with the very best selection of Earth friendly upcycled bags, belts and wallets from all over the globe!

Print Room Firehose Wallet

This Firehose Wallet combined wth Vintage Printing Blankets and Military Grade Parachute Silk is the absolute ultimate in upcycled wallets! It doesn't get more eco-friendly than this!

Made with Reclaimed Firehose & Print Blankets


Flip & Tumble Recycled Backpack

Recycled PET

Recycled PET


Franklin Wallet

This recycled wallet is eco-friendly and good-looking!

The Franklin Wallet is the epitamy of upcycled Wallets and is Vegan friendly!

Made entirely from Reclaimed Bike Inner Tubes

Durable & Stylish

Made from Reclaimed Bike Inner Tubes!


Nightout Slim Wallet

Slim Wallets don't get any slimmer than this!

The Nightout is the absolute perfect Slim Wallet for a great night out!

Made from Reclaimed Bike Inner Tubes

Durable & Water Resistant

Thin Bike Tube Wallet


Pine Mini Messenger Bag

The Super Compact Messenger Bag Made from reclaimed inner tubes

From the Ag Studio in Seattle to streets of Sydney, Ag has worked hard to develop a really solid product that not only ticks all the boxes in terms of design and features for practicality and aesthetics that we all expect from a messenger bag but it has also been carefully constructed using reclaimed inner tubes that would otherwise end up in landfill. Ag was founded by a bike messenger himself so you can bet your bottom dollar you are getting value for your money when you choose one of these babies!

Quality craftsmanship is definitely Ag's signature. Fully lined with all seams concealed in binding, reclaimed seat belt straps for durability and reflective panels for night riders...this bag has it all in one tight little package!

Reclaimed Bike Inner Tubes & Seatbelts!


Queen Anne Travel Wallet

Travel Wallet with lots of pockets - perfect gift for the constant traveller

Are you the ultimate organised traveller - well you haven't seen this Travel Wallet yet!.

Made from Reclaimed Bike Inner Tubes

Durable & Very Practical

Reclaimed Inner Tubes & Organic Cotton!


Brooklyn Backpack

The Brooklyn is a waterproof and durable black backpack

The Brooklyn is an Upcycled & Waterproof Packpack and is the perfect all-rounder! Extremely practical, durable and good-looking!

If your after a black backpack, then this one is black because its made from Inner Bike Tubes, making it one of the best backpacks around!

This cool backpack can also be used as a laptop backpack, making it ideal for study, work or everyday use!

Reclaimed Bike Inner Tubes | Waterproof


Flip & Tumble Reusable Drawstring Backpack

Reusable, efficient and easy storage when not in use!

Perfect for travelling or limited storage space!

Find out more about the Flip & Tumble Reusable Drawstring Backpack on our Blog.

From Ball to Backpack and back in seconds!

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