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About Flip & Tumble

How they Started...

They were founded in 2007 by Hetal Jariwala & Eva Bauer after having met while completing their Masters degree at Stamfords product design program.

They’re first product the 24-7 bag is now in wide circulation throughout Australia and available through many retailers as the reusable bag of choice. It was this very colourful, simple bag that got Flip & Tumble started.

Today they make a range of different products, two of which we carry, the recycled Felt Planter Pods and the funky recycled plastic Hook Nooks that are perfect for hanging and storing all those little things that we can never find! Both of these things we fell in love with and while not upcycled still meet part of our criteria so we thought…why not bring it to the good people of Australia!

What is Flip & Tumble all about?

Flip & Tumble realise that all products consume material so they consider their choices responsibly and look to try and invent and make quality products that won’t end up in landfill. The girls at Flip & Tumble believe that a product should definitely work well but it should also do more. It should be beautiful and bring joy to the user. It’s a tall order but one that they think is extremely important. When designing a product they will continue to work at it until it is just right both aesthetically and functionally. Their hope is that you’ll get oodles of use out of their products and hopefully some smiles along the way.

How does Flip & Tumble Develop its products?

Many of their ideas are born through everyday problems that we all encounter. Sometimes it’s an improvement in an existing product to make it work better, other times inspiration comes from an intriguing material, manipulating it to explore a new and interesting use. Prototypes are made with cardboard, fabric, paper or even clay to have a quick but simple way of reviewing the product.

One of their most important rules with product concept is getting user feedback. They want to ensure that the product works well in the lives of real people. It’s at this stage that they look for improvements and to find and fix problems. They then work closely with manufacturers to find the perfect material to finish the final product.

Whats does Flip & Tumble do for the planet?

Aside from creating green products they try to keep their footprint on the earth as small as possible by operating a carbon neutral office. Their carbon credits go towards planet friendly projects like exploring clean energy and development of landfill gas capture through carbonfund.

So from Upcycle STUDIO to you…we hope that you enjoy & love Flip & Tumble's products as much we do!

To see all of Flip & Tumbles great products check out the official Flip & Tumble page.

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