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About Frank Green

Frank Green keeps it simple about what they are trying to do!

  • Australian owned
  • Products that you reuse, which helps reduce waste
  • Awesome design
  • No spills
  • Lots of colours

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FRANK GREEN is something we are singing out loud and here is why...

Frank Green keeps it simple about what they are trying to do, which these days is in fact is much harder than it sounds. This means a lot of planning and effort into the life of their products and the impact it has on the Earth from start to finish. They produce their products from design, engineering through to manufacturing right here in our back yard, all made in Australia.

Frank Green is determined in helping people make simple choices everyday that collectively change the world we are apart of. Frank Green do this by offering a product range that is reusable and then finding a solution for the end of the product's working life, which is where most companies drop the ball in terms of a complete Eco product. Frank Green have been able to source a material to manufacture their products from that is recyclable, YES that's right just pop your very old and very used Frank Green water bottle into the recycle at the end of it's life and it will be re-purposed into something new and wonderful. But you'll be a while off from having to do this as we have put them to the test and even if you drop one of these beauties on the ground, it's tough enough to survive the fall!

When doing product research and looking into bottles used to packaged water vs reusable water bottles, the Upcycled team made some discoveries that made the Frank Green products seem like a no brainer. It takes over 1,000 years for one water bottle to bio-degrade, so just in this area re-using a water bottle stops pollution in terms of landfill and in the U.S. alone landfills are overflowing with 2 millions tonnes of discarded water bottles.

Not only do Frank Green offer really solid Eco products but they have managed to make them aesthetically appealing, easy to drink from and super easy to clean and if that wasn't enough to get you on the Frank Green boat then the chip insert into the reusable coffee cups might be... simply grab your Frank Green coffee cup, hit the streets for an early morning walk and get yourself a coffee and pay for it by tapping your coffee cup using pay wave, there is no need to cart you cards or cash around.

Frank Green have thought of everything, and we couldn't be happier to be stocking this fabulous product... if you think we are raving on a bit... try one and you'll know what we are singing about!

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