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Garage Sale Trail

Merino Wool Tote Bag

Handmade in California

Overnight Canvas Bag

The Overnight Canvas Bag is a duffle bag handmade from Recycled Army Tent, & Recycled Leather Jacket! 


Uber Flatweave Rug

The Uber is a Flatweave Rug made by hand in India with reclaimed cotton materials which results in a bright and cheerful floor covering that is easy to clean

Reclaimed Cotton


Levi Shaggy Rug

The Levi is a reclaimed denim rug that has been expertly handmade to create the ultimate eco-friendly Shaggy Rug!

Reclaimed Denim


Seagrass Belly Baskets - Pink and Light Blue

Handcrafted Natural Seagrass - not only is it a beautiful belly basket but it is a breezy and blushing addition to any room

Handcrafted Natural Seagrass


Flip & Tumble Reusable Wine Carrier

Classy, efficient and easy storage when not in use!

Classier than a paper bag!


Brown Leather Jacket Tote

This Leather Jacket Tote is Upcycled in Germany from...you guessed it - Leather Jackets!!!


Balmain Pouch

Made with Trucktube

Paddington Street Bag

Made with Trucktube

Zip Tie

Handmade in California

Felt Carry Bag

Handmade in California

Felt Clutch

Handmade in California

Black Leather Jacket Tote

This Leather Tote is Upcycled in Germany from Leather Jackets and is expertly handmade!


Recycled Timber Pendants

Reclaimed Timber& Handstamped

Reclaimed Timber & Handstamped


Classic Vanilla Diffuser

Made with Reclaimed Beer Bottles

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