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About KeepCup

Let's ditch single use and reuse with KeepCup!

  • Australian owned
  • Products that you reuse, which helps reduce waste
  • Some products are upcycled
  • Fantastic quality
  • Must have products for any serious coffee drinker
  • Amazing selection of colours

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The KeepCup beginnings

Started by an Australian brother and sister team who were originally Cafe Owners and became concerned about the volume of packaging waste generated from there takeaway coffee cups.

Ceramic mugs were impractical, thermoses unattractive and so the KeepCup was born.

The Call to Action

They knew the setup costs of the business would be substantial but the call to action was when Abigail was about to heat her daughter's sippy cup one morning, the idea they discarded it everyday was ludicrous. This was exactly what coffee drinkers were doing and more than once a day.

The brother and sisters experience in the coffee business was invaluable at coming up with a cup that was usable and also aesthetically pleasing.

Four years alter with help from design professionals a behavioral change is being seen in Melbourne and that is now spreading across the world. Once people develop the positive habit of reusing a KeepCup it is a feel good feeling hard to kick.

KeepCup is all about reducing the environmental footprint and with the business expanding globally it was hard but they can still proclaim to be Australian manufactured.

From Australia KeepCup is conquering the world with a warehouse space that opened in 2012 and 2013 a Los Angeles store. Having a local presence and spreading the word has been key to their success.

There is enough plastic in 28 disposable coffee cups so after a month of using your KeepCup you are a coffee drinker who's ahead.

There is now about three million KeepCups out there helping coffee drinkers get their fix and reducing waste.

KeepCups are now sold in 32 countries around the world and growing strong.

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