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Wood Cutting Board - Medium

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These individually handcrafted timber cutting boards are unique in colour, grain and character and make a wonderful gift for all occasions.

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  • 100% Australian Made & Owned chopping boards.
  • All cutting boards are milled, kilned and manufactured in Queensland, Australia.
  • Available in Small, Medium & Large.
  • They are environmentally friendly in that they are supporting a cause - removal of a non-native, declared weed species, Camphor Laurel, from which these beautiful boards are made.
  • These are kiln-dried wooden cutting boards rather than air-dried. Kiln drying kills borers, air-drying does not. Kiln-drying stabilises the timber and prevents it from cracking, twisting, warping, cupping and going mouldy. Dry timber = stable timber.
  • The best cutting boards are made from a solid timber slab with no joins just like these beautfully-made chopping boards. Camphor Laurel's tight grains and natural colouration make it a highly attractive cutting surface, both for aesthetic appeal and longevity purposes. Tightly-grained wood and small pores help reduce scoring of the cutting surface and absorption of liquid and dirt into the surface. Red Oak, for example, even though it is in the hardwood family, has large pores which retain dirt even after cleaning, making it not a good option as chopping board material.
  • The natural oils in this tropical hardwood, Camphor Laurel, allow it to repel moisture, warping and microbes.
  • Camphor Laurel is a naturally and permanently anti-bacterial timber. It has been university-tested by microbiologist Dr Dean Cliver, Ph.D and Alan Waterson. More on this in our FAQ section below.

Note: As the chopping boards are all individually handcrafted and each wood board is totally unique in colour, grain and character, the cutting boards in the images will differ from the cutting boards in stock. Some may have irregular shapes so if you need a board ASAP you could let it be a surprise and leave it to us to choose a board for you, or, if you're not in hurry to receive it, you can email us and and we can send a photo of what is currently available in this size.

Examples of some Sizes & Shapes that can be found in the Medium Size:

L40cm x W27cm x D3cm

L45cm x W21cm x D2.5cm

L46cm (37cm on shorter side) x W26cm (23cm on shorter side) x 3cm - They can have a corner curve out further like this one.

Caring for your Cutting Board:

  • Simply wash them in hot, soapy water immediately after using them, and then towel-dry them to prevent warping
  • For a longer lasting chopping board, oil your wooden cutting board with any edible oil whenever it is looking dry. Grape seed oil is recommended.
  • Do NOT put in the dishwasher.
  • If your budget allows it, purchase a pair of wooden boards so that you can save one solely for meat, while the other can be used for other types of foods such as veggies or to be used as nibblies platters. It really is that simple, whilst also being good for your health and that of the environment.


How are these wooden chopping boards environmentally friendly?

They are environmentally friendly in that they are made from Camphor Laurel - a Declared Environemntal Weed Class 3 in Queensland. Camphor Laurel is having an ecologically harmful effect on our natural ecosystems within the South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales environment. By buying these cutting boards, you are supporting the removal and utilisation of these invasive, non-native Camphor Laurel weeds/trees to make timber products. This allows the native to flora flourish and plays an important part in the long term control and management of this weed. For more information, refer to Sunshine Coast Council's letter at the bottom of the page.

Which is better - Wood or plastic?

Wood has some advantages over plastic in that it is somewhat self-healing; shallow cuts in the wood will close up on their own. Wood also has natural antiseptic properties.

People will often shy clear of wooden chopping boards in favor of plastic because they mistakenly believe that the latter is much easier to clean. When a wooden board is cleaned in hot, soapy water, it will absorb the food-borne bacteria that rests on top after food is cut there. While this may seem unhealthy, the reality is that it creates the perfect storm, as said bacteria cannot live and thrive within the wood. Even if you carve a deep slice on a wooden cutting board, the bacteria inside is still unable to come out and interact with whatever food you place on there afterwards. Plastic boards do not possess the same antimicrobial qualities as wood, which means that the bacteria that makes its way into the crevices on said boards cannot always be fully killed off.

This theory has actually been tested out in research studies, where it was found that bacteria could still be recovered from the nicks and cuts in plastic boards, even after being thoroughly rinsed under the faucet. Even when more extreme cleaning methods were used, such as introducing chlorine bleach into the mix, the bacteria still found a way to maintain a hold in the plastic. Dr Dean O. Cliver, Ph.D, a microbiologist expert in food safety and foodborne diseases, published a series of articles on the bacterial dangers inherent in cutting boards and methods of disinfecting them. He was surprised to find that wood, reputed to be more bacteria prone and less easily cleaned than plastic cutting boards, actually proved to be more hygienic! The link to info regarding his research is here: Food Safety: Comparing Plastic and Wood Cutting Boards.

Will the Camphor Laurel smell get into my food?

No. The secret is in the kiln-drying – the kiln-drying removes the natural oils from the camphor timber leaving a slight aroma in the board. The board remains smelling beautiful without leaving any scent in your food.

How long will my Camphor Laurel Cutting Board last?

If it has never been in the dishwasher, never been bleached or left in the sunlight, any Camphor Laurel cutting board should last for many years with oiling maybe once or twice a year. Longer, if looked after properly, with oiling 5-7 times a year if you really want extended longevity out of it.

Below is the letter from the Sunshine Coast Council regarding Camphor Laurel and its propensity for being invasive and its utilisation for timber products.


I am writing to confirm that the camphor laurel species is a Declared Environmental Weed Class 3 in Queensland and has an ecologically harmful effect on natural ecosystems within our landscape. In particular, Camphor Laurel is a problem weed along the riparian areas of much of South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

For some years, efforts have been underway between State Governments and with assistance from the Australian Government, Local Governments and on-ground groups to develop programs that encourage the removal of these trees from the sensitive envrionments in which they have become invasive, and the beneficial utilisation of camphor laurel timber in value-adding enterprises that support local and regional economies.

Within the Sunshine Coast area much effort has been expended in establishing facilities and opportunities for local community based and business organisations to establish productive and profitable enterprises that us timbers from these invasive species with a view towards ultimately playing an important part in the long term control and management, particularly of camphor laurel.

Yours sincerely,



A PDF-copy of the original can be seen here: PDF Copy of Letter

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