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Natural Cleaning

Shop Natural Cleaning Products - Spruce your space, the natural way!

Powerful enough to tackle tough grime and stains but safe for the entire family. Our range of natural cleaning products take things back to basics and ensure your home is sparkling without having to use any nasties.

Lil' Bit Soap Nuts 250g

'Soap Berries', 'Soap Nuts' or 'Soap Shells' are nuts harvested from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree which grows mostly in Nepal. The shell of the fruit / nut has a very high concentration of saponin, which is a natural soap!

The natural way to wash your clothes, your pet and keep the pests off your plants!

‌Made by Lil' Bit to make the world a lil' bit better! 

Hypoallergenic & Biodegradable


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