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Flatweave Rugs

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Shop Flatweave Rugs - From Earthy to Contemporary

Our beautiful Flatweave Rugs are made from reclaimed, upcycled and sustainably sourced fabrics such as denim, leather, jute and cotton. Flatweave Rugs fit snug to the floor so are perfect for dining, lounge or entertaining areas.

Our Flatweave Rugs are available in a wide range of colours and are all unique due to the manner in which they are made, so are perfect to add that little something extra to your work or living space.

NEW rugs just landed!

Uber Flatweave Rug

The Uber is a Flatweave Rug made by hand in India with reclaimed cotton materials which results in a bright and cheerful floor covering that is easy to clean

Frankie Chindi Cotton Rug

The Frankie is a Chindi Cotton Rug made from Reclaimed Fabric Remnants and makes a delightful splash of colour wherever it is placed

Byron Flatweave Rug

The Byron Flatweave rug is made with Reclaimed Denim and Hemp and gives off the ultimate relaxed and beachy feel!

Dharma Hemp Rug

The Dharmas are handwoven chenille and hemp rugs and are a great all-natural, low-maintenance floor covering

Charleston Cotton Rug

The Charleston is a Recycled Cotton Rug that has been expertly handloomed and comes in lovely colours which are easy to decorate around.

Dante Denim/Black Flatweave Rug

The Dante is a Flatweave Rug comprised of Reclaimed Denim and Italian Leather. Brought together to create

Denver Hemp Rug

The Denver is a recycled leather and hemp rug that is extremely hard-wearing and with its earthy colours it's easy to decorate around

Nomad Washed Jute Rug

The Nomad Jute Rug is handloomed using Washed Jute and comes in a range of beautiful colours that make it a fantastic edition to any space.
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