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Natural Rugs

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Shop Natural Rug - Including Jute, Cotton and Denim

Our Natural Rugs might just be the answer you are looking for to help tie in that earthy look to your space.

Made from natural fibers and materials such as Jute, Cotton, Leather and Denim which we are proud to say are all sustainably sourced or reclaimed.

NEW rugs just landed!

Baku Wool Rug

The Baku Wool Rug is made from Undyed New Zealand Wool and is so soft and plush you won't want to walk away from it!

Elba Wool Rug

The Elba is an handwoven undyed wool rug with contemporary colours and design perfect for that classic-look room

Chateau Wool Rug

The Chateau is a Handwoven Undyed Wool Rug with a design that begs the eyes to follow its beautiful lines and natural colours for that touch of warmth in the room

Ziggy Jute Rug

The Ziggy is a perfect chevron rug handwoven from Jute with very earthy, natural tones to add extra warmth to any room

Mari Wool Rug

The Mari is a Handtufted Wool rug with a bold design to draw the eye and can either add a dash of colour with the blue or tone down with the grey design

Ezara Wool Rug

The Ezara is a 100% natural and beautifully handmade plush wool rug. Handwoven by expert weavers with the highest quality felted New Zealand Wool available.

Charleston Cotton Rug

The Charleston is a Recycled Cotton Rug that has been expertly handloomed and comes in lovely colours which are easy to decorate around.

Havana Recycled Rug

Our Havana Rug is handwoven using natural Jute and reclaimed fabrics and is ethically made with both Goodweave and Oeko-Tex certification.

Jute & Cotton

London Wool Rug London Wool Rug

London Wool Rug

The London is a Handwoven Wool Rug in neutral tones, making it a perfect addition for that earthy and warm room

Handwoven Wool


California Contemporary Rug

The California is a beautifully designed contemporary rug, handwoven using recycled cotton and wool. A classic, timeless pattern, low maintenance and easy to clean.


Nomad Washed Jute Rug

The Nomad Jute Rug is handloomed using Washed Jute and comes in a range of beautiful colours that make it a fantastic edition to any space.

Bondi Denim Rug

The Bondi Rug is beautifully made with reclaimed Denim & Wool. Goodweave approved and Oeko-Tex certified against harmful substances.

Reclaimed Denim & Wool


Soho Denim Rug

The Soho Rug is handloomed using a combination of denim & Wool and features a gorgeous repetitve geometric pattern. A low, hard waering pile makes it ideal for high traffic areas.

Reclaimed Denim & Wool


Boho Round Rug - Jute & Chindi 120cm

Add a splash of colour to your floor

Handwoven | Reclaimed Fabrics


Monte Carlo Wool Rug

The Monte Carlo, a 100% Undyed Wool Rug, is a beautifully handmade rug adds that touch of luxury to a living space.

Dharma Hemp Rug

The Dharmas are handwoven chenille and hemp rugs and are a great all-natural, low-maintenance floor covering

Byron Flatweave Rug

The Byron Flatweave rug is made with Reclaimed Denim and Hemp and gives off the ultimate relaxed and beachy feel!

Antique Wool Rug

The Antique Wool Rug is handmade using 100% Wool with warm, natural colours perfect for that antique feel!

Maju Wool Rug

The Maju is a Handknotted Wool rug with warm tones perfect for that earthy feel when walking into a room

Milan Bamboo Rug

The Maia is a beautifully luscious handknotted Bamboo rug you won't be able to help but gravitate to constantly just to feel its silkiness!

Corona Wool Rug

The Corona is a Handtufted Wool Rug made with such beautiful colours. Its unique design will uplift any room needing a bright floor covering.

Barcelona Wool Rug

The Barcelona is a Looptufted Wool Rug. This grey rug is a beautiful and warm design and would make a lovely addition to a room.

Carousel Round Rug

The Carousel Round Rug is beautifully handcrafted using reclaimed cotton, measuring 90cm in diameter its a great addition to entry ways, bedsides, or any small nooks that need brightening.

Hartley Wool Rug

The Hartley Wool Rug is a handwoven gemoetric classic with neutral tones to create a warm but bold atmosphere!

Tali Wool Rug

The Tali is a traditional handknotted, 100% wool rug, made with beautiful and expert craftsmanship. Extremely hard wearing and fantastic quality

Round Patio Rug

The Round Patio Rug is beautifully handcrafted using 100% Jute, measuring 90cm in diameter its a great addition to entry ways, bedsides, or any small nooks that needs some warmth.

Uber Flatweave Rug

The Uber is a Flatweave Rug made by hand in India with reclaimed cotton materials which results in a bright and cheerful floor covering that is easy to clean

Silk Lane Silk Rug

Silk Lane's silk rug is a lovely splash of colour that puts to mind the colourful culture of it's origins, India. Expertly woven and its vibrant colours will brighten your room of choice

Frankie Chindi Cotton Rug

The Frankie is a Chindi Cotton Rug made from Reclaimed Fabric Remnants and makes a delightful splash of colour wherever it is placed

Diwali Silk Rug

The Diwali Silk Rug is expertly made from Reclaimed Sari Silk and brings to mind far away places where colour abounds

Boho Round Rug - Jute & Chindi 150cm

Add a splash of colour to your floor

Handwoven | Reclaimed Fabrics

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