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What is Upcycling?

Taking something old and making it new

Upcycling is the amazingly creative idea of taking an item that has finished having purpose, has been disposed of or is worn out. Most items like this are destined for landfill.

Comfortable tyre chair

Upcycled Tyre Chair

These would be an awesome addition to any space.

Mustang car pool table

Mustang car pool table

Maybe I'd rather have the car although if it was a right off what a great way for it to live on.

Oil drum given another life

Oil drum given another life

Such a sleek creative design.

So isn't Upcycling just Recycling?

Recycling is cool and we do sell product that are recycled, but the beauty of upcycling is it doesn't take a product and grind it up, melt it down in to a less valuable product, it is the process of adding to it, rearranging it into something of greater value.

Let's take a look at the beer bottle for example

The beer bottle has a fantastic first life bringing the joy of beer to the world. Once the beer bottle has done it job it has a few options.

Beer bottles discarded in the streets

Off to landfill

Lots of energy went into making this bottle and now it is on it's way to landfill. Maybe not as bad as a plastic bottle off to landfill but none the less still a sad way for our bottle to go.

Beer bottles being recycled


This is not a bad option for our little beer bottle friend. It does take energy to melt the beer bottle down, but in some form in is getting to live on when it is formed into a new bottle.

Beer bottles given new upcycled life


Our beer bottle could not be happier, sure his been cut in half and filled with beautifully smelling soy wax, but now he will burn bright and live on. His other beer bottle friend has been filled with heavenly smelling oils.

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