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      Sustainable Living

      What is the Reducetarian Movement?

      I’m sure you’ve all heard of vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian. But has anyone heard of the reducetarian movement? It’s a relatively new label (no, we’re not really fond of labels either) for a collection of people who are consciously cutting down on their meat intake. You might actually already be a reducetarian without even realising! […]

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      Eco Friendly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

      Love is in the air! Cupid is set to grace us all with his presence very soon – are you ready for his arrival on Valentine’s Day? Some celebrate this occasion more than others and we know that it’s a little bit of a Hallmark holiday but we still think it’s a lovely gesture to show […]

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      The Mojo Sweet Tangerine & Island Fruits Candle is Here!

      If you haven’t already discovered the luscious Mojo Candle Co range, now’s the time to get in on all the hype! Mojo Sweet Tangerine & Island Fruits has just been released by the Sydney brand and it’s absolutely delicious. This vibrant and energetic scent has the perfect strength level without being overpowering. It would burn nicely in […]

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      Zero Waste Back to School Lunch Essentials

      It’s that time of year again when the kiddies head back to the classrooms. We’ve got some excellent zero waste school lunch items that will make their 2018 lunches fun, practical and oh so eco-friendly! Check out our top picks for the little ones. Zero Waste Lunch Boxes Bamboo Lunch Box – Pineapple This pineapple […]

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      Use Beeswax Wraps to Reduce your Single Use Plastic Consumption

      It’s a new year and you know what that means, right? Resolutions! Yep, we know that you’re all thinking about them, even if you don’t want to admit it. One of our top resolutions for 2018 is to really commit to going as plastic-free as possible and we think that everyone should jump on board […]

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      How to Properly Care for your Mojo Candle

      Candle Care Tips and Tricks Congrats! You’ve just bought your first Mojo Candle and are in for a real treat! Before you get started we just want to help out a little bit with some burning instructions and all-round useful information. Here are our Mojo Candle care tips that will ensure you get the best out […]

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